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Players and bookies alike are looking for more security in betting. Let's face facts, if law enforcement wants to go after a local bookie, it is not very hard to trace active phone lines and figure out who is taking bets. They can probably sit in the local taproom and watch most bookies take bets during the weekend.

Now, we all know cops have better things to do than to harass small time bookies, but there always seems to be a period once or twice a year where they set up sting operations to make it look good. Why take that risk when you can keep both you and your players safe using a top price per head provider like

Local bookies will generally go to great lengths to protect the identity of their players. For instance, players will usually be given a number or a specific name to use when they call in to place their bets. Even with the anonymity added, however, they are still at risk of the bookie operation is taken down. Because they are physically calling and the police have access to these phone lines and records if they arrest the bookie, the phone calls can be traced back to the player.

Using a price per head allows the bookie to move their operation offshore, where local police have no authority. Furthermore, an added layer of security is added as the players are simply given a log in and password to access their account. This keeps their identity completely secret from authorities. Furthermore, the site itself is now located in areas where gambling is actually legal, protecting both the bookie and player even further.

The problem with major online sports books is that they required players to enter personal information when they opened up the account. They were also required to use a credit card or wire money to the bookie site in order to be able to place wagers. Even though the services were located offshore, they were creating a paper trail back to the player. As convenient as they were, there was also still considerable risk for the player.

By enrolling in a top price per head provider, the local bookie takes advantage of everything major online betting sites were providing and eliminates the flaws. The risk is no longer present for the players because of the anonymity of the account. In addition, they are paying the bookie in person in cash, so there is no paper trail. Other than the weekly drop off, there simply is no reason for the bookie and player to have any communication whatsoever, as the pay per head handles all bets. If they do need to communicate, there is even a secure internal messaging system that can be used.

Of course, the local bookie also benefits from these security measures as well as now having a more modern book to offer their players. It will make the bookies job much easier as well as offer everyone involved a bit more peace of mind. Both the player and bookie now have convenience, a more enjoyable experience, save time, and more security.

How long have you been a bookie? How many times have you had a player ask you about taking bets on a horse race, baseball game, basketball game, or soccer match? You probably dismiss it because you simply do not have enough action to warrant opening up shop and taking bets. If you do take other sports besides football, you probably only take major events, such as the playoffs or Triple Crown races. If you are using an offshore bookie service like, you will be able to take action on everything!

What is the biggest obstacle preventing you from taking all of this extra action? Is it because you do not want to open for just a few players? You do not want to sit around all day waiting for a few horse bets to come in? Is it because you have a regular job and all of those extra hours could hurt your performance at work?

While opening up for one or two bets on a given day or night for a specific sport is really not worth your time, all of those small bets over the course of the week could be very profitable. If the collective wagers result in $1,000 in losses, that is an extra dime you missed out on simply because you were not available or did not want to open up shop. Now, what if we told you there was a way for you to take the bets on these secondary sports that would not affect your time at all?

A pay per head bookie service does all of the hard work for you. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days week. Since our service provides an offshore bookie call center for numerous bookies, our lines are always open. In addition, our clients all get a free website, so players do not even have to call in, they can simply go online and place their wagers that way.

The 21st century has become the century of convenience for the player. They have been spoiled by sites like BoDog that allowed them to bet on any game then wanted, any time they felt like betting, and on any sport they were following. Why would you, as a local bookie, expect them to settle for anything less now? Yes, most of the major online sports bookie sites no longer accept United States players, but the players are used to these services now, why would they use a bookie that was not up to par?

The time has come for you to take a really hard look at your operation to see if you are really making as much as you can. Think about those old retired guys that bet with you on Sunday who you see reading the racing form every day. The action they are taking to the track could be yours! How much action did you miss during the MLB Playoffs? This was all money that should have been in your pocket! Stop going old-school and use an offshore bookie service to generate interest in secondary sports and increase your profits!

It has been a tough season thus far for many football bettors. Week 6 had about 75% underdogs covering. This means the average bettor got their clocked clean. If you have been raking it in, you need to find a way to keep your players interested and coming back for more. It will take some creative marketing on your part, but is going to help you with that too!

We know you are not Robin Hood, but it is time to give some money back. Your pockets are stuffed, your player's heads are down, and you need to keep these guys in the game. What type of promotional offers can you come up with that will generate more interest in your local bookie service and keep them betting?


Local bookies are seeing a huge push in business over the last few years. The major reason for this is that many of the major online sportsbooks no longer allow United States players to wager on their sites. However, players were spoiled while they were able to place their bets on these sites and they now expect the same types of benefits from local bookies. An offshore bookie call center is one of those benefits.

If you have been operating your bookie operation without the benefit of a price per head service like, the change to the weekly college and pro football season is probably driving you insane. Whereas you were once only required to take bets three days a week, there is now action almost every night. This means more time on the phones, and less time for you and your family.


How long have you been trying to beat the system? Sure, you have a few good weeks out of every season and a few where you break even, but when you balance the books at the end of the season, you are paying your man far more than you have collected. Our guess is that your friends are doing the same thing. Wouldn't you like to actually be ahead at the end of a season for once? Then why don't you learn how to become a bookie using a pay per head?

If your friends are already using you to place their bets, you are already headed in the right direction. If not, start finding out who is betting, how much they like to bet, and what sports they are interested in. Start asking if they like to play poker or use online casinos to gamble. If they do, you can start taking action and use a pay per head bookie service to start your own bookie operation.


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