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You have had a local bookie operation for decades and you want to know why you should even have to think about utilizing bookie services in Costa Rica. Well, answer this question, "How much has your action declined over the last five years?" Or maybe, "How many of your players are complaining about operating hours, limitations on the sports they can bet, or perhaps that they cannot play poker?" We can already hear the wheels turning inside your head!

The fact of the matter is that local bookies have been losing players to online betting sites for the last ten years or so. While it took a while for players to trust sites like VIP and BoDog, they eventually drank the Kool-Aid and once they realized how convenient it was, they left their local bookies. Sure, they might still keep their account going to have an extra line, but online wagering is far too convenient to pass up.


Local bookies keep hearing the term "pay per head bookie" service and they begin to wonder what they are missing out on. That curiosity is fed by the fact that their player number is beginning to dwindle every week. Any bookie still using phones is probably up against it in regard to keeping up with the major online sportsbooks. Now, because of pay per head bookie services like the ones offered by, they are really feeling the pinch.

Bookies today have two options: modernize or go out of business. By modernize, we are speaking of upgrading their bookie operation to a price per head bookie service. The good news is that this will not only keep players interested, it will probably generate more business from those players and possibly lead to additional clients from local bookies that are not using a pay per head bookie service.


Price Per Head with Lottery

One thing that all gamblers love to do is play the lottery. Because state lotteries will often have horrible odds, local bookies can use a price per head with lottery to help drive membership. By only increasing the odds slightly, they should be able to generate significant sign ups once the word gets out about the odds they are offering.

Any bookie that is already using a price per head bookie service like should put some feelers out to their clients as to whether or not they would use a service such as this or not. The challenge in incorporating a price per head with lottery into your book is in making sure that there will be enough action to offset any large wins. Ideally, a bookie would like to see the payoff of a single hit coming in every night just in case someone wins.


Pay per head services for bookies are nothing new to the gambling industry. However, most local bookies are still completely unaware they can make use of services such as those offered by By integrating these pay per head bookie services into their business, they will have a site on par with any major sportsbook.

The first answer in how does bookie services work would be very simple-sign up! All a bookie needs to do is head over to and open up their account. The site literally walks new accounts through the process step-by-step. Once the information is entered, the bookie will need to provide a form of payment. The price for this specific PPH is $14 per player, per week.


Pay Per Head with Live Betting Ticker

If there is one thing that we preach over and over here is that players are looking for convenience and you have to give it to them if you want to keep you book alive. This is driving force behind using a PPH service like the one that offers. However, you, as the bookie, also deserve a little bit of convenience and that is why Real Price Per Head offers pay per head with live betting ticker.

One feature that has been discussed before is live betting, this is something totally different. Pay per head with bet ticker is all about the bookie, not the player. After bending over backwards to make their lives easier, it is about time you reap some of the rewards. The betting ticker is just that reward.


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