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There is nothing more thrilling for true sports bettors than the moments since then lay down action on their favorite team until the moment where the official results come in. It’s all about the freedom of being able to place their wager at any moment, from practically anywhere, just when the line is right for it. The exponential increase in action laid by sports bettors from a mobile platforms it’s a testament of this. Realpriceperhead © understands that the local bookies must fulfill his players needs, this is why it has applied considerable time and resources to polish his mobile sports pay per head betting platform to make it as streamline and easy to use as possible for bettors worldwide.

With offices in San Jose, Costa Rica, Realpriceperhead© allows  pay per head bookies to offer live betting to their clients as part of their current package, no extra charges or hidden fees applied.


As much as we may like to romanticize the classic bookie jotting down bets and odds with a pen and paper; the modern reality is that without adapting to pay per head services such operators are sadly going to be left to the history books. It can be a tough - and emotional - transition for those who have been in the game a long time and appreciate the 'old school' way of doing things, but progress is just that. In this article we're going to explore why PPH Services are essential for bookmakers who want to stay relevant in these digital times, and explain how they also expand business and, consequently, generate enhanced revenue.

Having access to betting software akin to that which would be found in a Las Vegas sportsbook provides both the bookie and his clients with a massive wealth of data. Of course having access to this data really means one thing - a massively enhanced number of prospective events that can be wagered upon by the customers. Modern day gamers have changed as a market and now expect not just to be able to explore huge varieties of bets (more on which later), but the freedom to stake a bet 24/7 by phone, internet or even in some cases mobile apps.


What is that makes a gambler choose one bookie over another? In most cases, regional bookies are offering the same lines, so what is that makes them choose one over the other when they have the option? Over the last few years, the deciding factor for the average player is simply accessibility and service. That's right, service! Did you ever think you would associate customer service with a local bookie business?

We have all had the experience with a local bookie that can be a bit rough around the edges. But, after all, they are there to take your bets not listen to your daily drama. However, it is still nice to be able to know that your business is appreciated or that you can get a hold of someone regarding your account at any time if need be. Unfortunately, most local bookies do not have the ability to man phones at all hours and, therefore, players must operate according to the local bookie's schedule.


So, you run a local bookie operation in the Lone Star State but are noticing your players are starting to put in less and less action with you. It has gotten to the point over the last couple of years that your action is down by almost 50 percent. What is going on here? Why are so many players leaving you when you once had the largest bookie operation in the area? If you are still forcing players to call in their action to you directly during limited hours, you already have the answer right in front of you.

When the players start to leave, you have to look at the operation to see what other bookies are offering that you are not. Because online bookie sites have become so popular, gamblers are moving away from traditional operations rather quickly. If you want your bookie operation to continue to stay alive and profitable, it is probably time to start looking at the top pay per head company in Texas,


Anyone who is a moderately serious gambler has heard the term "offshore betting" at some point. Be it in a movie or reading a gambling magazine, the term always seems to put people in awe of anyone wagering with this type of account. As a local bookie, having an offshore operation was once merely a pipedream but that is no longer case. In fact, by using a pay per head service like, you will now have access to the best USA offshore pay per head service for local bookies.

If we were to go back into a time machine some 20 years ago and suggest a local bookie move their operation to an offshore location, the costs would have put them out of business. At that time, it would have cost the bookie tens of thousands of dollars to move, load their accounts, establish residency, open the business, create a website (including custom programming), as well as setting up all of the financial systems. Today, none of this is necessary because of companies like Real Price Per Head.


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