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Anyone who is a moderately serious gambler has heard the term "offshore betting" at some point. Be it in a movie or reading a gambling magazine, the term always seems to put people in awe of anyone wagering with this type of account. As a local bookie, having an offshore operation was once merely a pipedream but that is no longer case. In fact, by using a pay per head service like, you will now have access to the best USA offshore pay per head service for local bookies.

If we were to go back into a time machine some 20 years ago and suggest a local bookie move their operation to an offshore location, the costs would have put them out of business. At that time, it would have cost the bookie tens of thousands of dollars to move, load their accounts, establish residency, open the business, create a website (including custom programming), as well as setting up all of the financial systems. Today, none of this is necessary because of companies like Real Price Per Head.


Summer is right around the corner but a smart local bookie is already thinking about how he or she can get more players for the upcoming NFL season. We would suggest touching base with some of the players you know on a more casual level and ask them what they thought about last season. Find out what types of problems they had placing bets and what they would like to see from your sportsbook in the upcoming season. Our guess is that many of the challenges they mention can be alleviated by finding the best pay per head sportsbook service for NFL football.

What is the one thing all business owners strive for? Isn't to always keep their business moving forward by offering better customer service and features the consumer wants? Well, if you are not treating your local bookie operation like a business, you are making a huge mistake! Reason being that running your local book the old-fashioned way is, well, old fashioned. Today's players are more educated and more finicky about how and where they want to place their bets.


Sunny California...where dreams are realized and fortunes are made, at least for bookies already using a Pay per head sportsbook service in California! If you have a local bookie operation and are still taking bets by phone, writing them down by hand, and settling your own books, you are literally still in the Stone Ages of bookmaking. It is time to consider using a PPH service like to make your life easier and to give your players the gambling experience they want and deserve.

Running a local bookie operation is not the easiest task, especially for someone using antiquated methods. Forget about the monotony of having to take bets every night, look at the costs of labor or of merely making a mistake because of being tired and overworked. For a small fee, the entire business can become automated to the point your sole job is to market your own bookie business and rake in the profits.


Don't you think it is time to move your operation into the 21st Century? Whether your book is shrinking or growing, it is a sign that the time has come to move your local bookie operation into modern times and start using a pay per head service for local bookies. Let's look at both scenarios so you can begin to understand just how important it is to make the move to a pay per head like before it is too late.

Local bookies that are losing players may be hesitant to buy PPH services, but that is more than likely a huge mistake. If those bookies were to have an exit interview with their players, they would more than likely find out their players are leaving specifically because of the inconvenience of NOT having a 24/7 call center or online availability to their accounts.


As a business owner, your business must be open to the public and operational if it is going to make money. As a customer, you the need the business to be open so you can spend your money. This holds true in every business out there, including a sports betting business. If the entire business is Internet based, down time means lost profits and very likely, lost customers.

The best way for a bookie to ensure their website is always up and running is to have their own server. However, the cost of this is astronomical and it is unlikely that the average local bookie can afford to have their own dedicated server. The other costly aspect of running a sports betting business this way is that the bookie would more than likely have to pay a webmaster to create a gambling site from scratch, which would cost well into five figures.


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