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When most bettors are starting out, they are quite happy just to have someone to take their bets. Then, they get some experience and realize there is just a bit more offered by online sportsbooks. When this happens, the local guy often begins to lose customers and finds his or her operation struggling just to stay alive. If this sounds like your predicament, it might be time to call a price per head bookie service like Here are some common questions and answers for local bookies looking to make the switch over to PPH.

Q: How Do I Get My Own Website?

A: The easiest way for any local bookie to get their own website is to use a payperhead service. However, you have to be careful in selecting the right one. A site like Real Price Per Head includes a free website as part of the service. However, many of the pay per head services will charge a higher weekly fee or actually charge you a set up fee up to $1,000 for your site. 


Remember when the only option for casino gambling was a trip to Las Vegas or Atlantic City? Then came along online gambling sites and players could use random number generator (RNG) programming to play traditional casino games like blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. So, what is the next step for online gaming? Would you have ever thought that we would have live casino action available right from our computers?

Gamblers like convenience. When online gaming was made available, many of them flocked to the new sites. In most cases, they were able to combine all of their gambling outlets into a single site. Poker, casino, horses, and sports were now in one location. The party was just getting started and for close to ten years, gamblers could pick and choose where they put in their action.


Being a bookie is not a hard job, but it can get frustrating as the operation begins to grow. The weekly flip increases, more and more players seem to run out of money, and the phone lines stay so busy that players get upset because they cannot get through. All of this can lead to a massive amount of frustration and eventually cost you players and money. Your choice...start using a sports betting call center like

Before it gets too late, you need to get control back of your bookie operation. The frustrations you are having are not uncommon, but they are very fixable. However, letting things continue down the current path and you could find yourself out of business for the simple reason you were not able to control your own operation. Using a call center like the one RPPH provides is the first step in getting the book back under control.


The gambling world has changed significantly over the last decade or so. Whereas bettors once had a single option of betting through their local bookie, most are now using some type of online platform. Even most local bookies are using a pay per head service. However, not all bookies have access to mobile betting software and if you do not, you need to contact today!

Let's face it, most bettors do not want anyone to know their business. It is not that they are ashamed of betting, but they like to protect what teams the are wagering on as well as how much they are betting on any given game. Do you really think they want their friends knowing they just put down $500 on the Steelers?


A term that is often used when discussing gambling on sports and the "smart money" is "sharp lines." It is important for both the gambler and the bookie to have the best line. This creates action on both sides of the game for the bookie and gives the player the most beneficial line in their eyes. While both parties are looking at the line from completely different angles, it benefits everyone to have the best line available.

When a bookie is using a price per head like, they are indeed getting the sharpest line. This is not some fly by night operation trying to cash in on a latest trend, but a staple of the industry that is literally setting the standard for pay per head software companies. After all, if you are going to migrate your bookie operation over to a PPH, it might as well be the best!


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