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Bowl season is here, NFL action is kicking into high gear, college basketball has started, and pro basketball is going on as well. In all likelihood, your phones are ringing off the hook every night and players are getting upset that they cannot get through. How much action are you missing out on every night? How many players are you losing because they are not able to place wagers? My friend, I think it is time that you give a call and start using an offshore bookie call center.

There is only so much business to go around for local bookies and losing a single client could impact your bookie business significantly, especially if it one of your big players. Even if it is a smaller player who has other friends that bet with you, it could lead to problems. Imagine him at the local taproom spouting off how he should have won money this week but now he has to pay because he could not get his action in. How many players do you think want to chance something such as this?


There was a time when I took bets the old-fashioned way, over the phone. Like many of you, I started out with a small operation that I ran as a one-man show. Gradually, my players passed around the word and it seemed as though every week of the football season I was gaining a couple more players. 

After about two years, I had to add operators and lines to handle the increased business. This was only one problem but in talking to other bookies, I realized we were all facing the same issues, many of which you probably face, or you would not be here looking for solutions! Here are most of the problems we faced:


Even the most successful local bookies run into the same problem at one time or another...they run out of players to recruit in the local area. Most bookies find that after a few years, they have secured just about all the players they are able to. Sure, they may get a couple of referrals from existing players each season, but the business is hardly expanding in the manner it did when they were first starting out. Using a sports betting service for bookies like will enable the bookie to once again expand their reach.

Traditionally, local bookies are only able to secure players in their local community. Their time is consumed by the actual book, making it virtually impossible to do the proper networking needed to increase the player count. If the bookie had to travel to different areas for collections, who would take the calls? Paying someone to do so would often offset any profits made.

By moving the operation over to a sports betting service for bookies, the local bookie is now able to concentrate on growing their business instead of merely operating the business. Since the pay per head service is located offshore, they are also able to increase their market to other areas. For instance, that old college buddy that lives in California can be recruited as well as any of his friends that bet.

This is a move than can literally change the financial future of a local bookie. All of a sudden, they have the ability to take a small operation of 50-100 players and grow it tenfold very quickly. Of course, there may now be the concern of having enough cash flow to cover the operation. If this is the case, it may be time to consider opening up your operation to other trusted investors that will enable the expansion.

Local bookies that have contacts in other areas may want to consider bringing these people into their operation. Take the example we just mentioned. Perhaps you are located on the east coast and you have a friend located in California that is already taking book. Why not combine the operations to save money on the PPH service as well as protect yourself against one-sided action.

Having more players means more offset action, a local bookies dream. Having a more diverse clientele increases the likelihood of the offsetting action. Instead of having games each week with one side dictating your success or failure, you are now able to simply sit back, collect the vig, and watch your bank account grow.

A bookie business is like any other business in that you must adapt and change over time if you are going to be successful. More players are looking for the convenience of online gaming as well as the ability to bet on any sport they like. By moving your operation over to a price per head sports betting service for bookies, you open up endless possibilities for new clientele as well as the ability to offer your current players a more modernized operation resembling the major online sports books that literally changed the betting industry as we know it.

How many people do you have operating your phones for you right now? How many times do players complain throughout the week or at settle up that they missed bets because they could not get through or they got through too late? Are you losing players because of this? Are you losing your life to the operation, especially this time of the year when so many sports are going on at the same time?

If you want to take back your life and get your sportsbook operation under control, you really should consider using a sports betting call center for local bookies. How can you afford this? Where do you go to set this up? Look no further than! Our payperhead bookie service is meant for situations such as this and our fee covers not only the call center, but also opens the doors for you to many other features, including a free website!


Players and bookies alike are looking for more security in betting. Let's face facts, if law enforcement wants to go after a local bookie, it is not very hard to trace active phone lines and figure out who is taking bets. They can probably sit in the local taproom and watch most bookies take bets during the weekend.

Now, we all know cops have better things to do than to harass small time bookies, but there always seems to be a period once or twice a year where they set up sting operations to make it look good. Why take that risk when you can keep both you and your players safe using a top price per head provider like

Local bookies will generally go to great lengths to protect the identity of their players. For instance, players will usually be given a number or a specific name to use when they call in to place their bets. Even with the anonymity added, however, they are still at risk of the bookie operation is taken down. Because they are physically calling and the police have access to these phone lines and records if they arrest the bookie, the phone calls can be traced back to the player.

Using a price per head allows the bookie to move their operation offshore, where local police have no authority. Furthermore, an added layer of security is added as the players are simply given a log in and password to access their account. This keeps their identity completely secret from authorities. Furthermore, the site itself is now located in areas where gambling is actually legal, protecting both the bookie and player even further.

The problem with major online sports books is that they required players to enter personal information when they opened up the account. They were also required to use a credit card or wire money to the bookie site in order to be able to place wagers. Even though the services were located offshore, they were creating a paper trail back to the player. As convenient as they were, there was also still considerable risk for the player.

By enrolling in a top price per head provider, the local bookie takes advantage of everything major online betting sites were providing and eliminates the flaws. The risk is no longer present for the players because of the anonymity of the account. In addition, they are paying the bookie in person in cash, so there is no paper trail. Other than the weekly drop off, there simply is no reason for the bookie and player to have any communication whatsoever, as the pay per head handles all bets. If they do need to communicate, there is even a secure internal messaging system that can be used.

Of course, the local bookie also benefits from these security measures as well as now having a more modern book to offer their players. It will make the bookies job much easier as well as offer everyone involved a bit more peace of mind. Both the player and bookie now have convenience, a more enjoyable experience, save time, and more security.

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