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The essential things to look for in an affordable PPH service

Are you into gambling? Have you thought about betting online? Or are you a bookmaker looking to expand your clients and introduce them to online betting? Over the years, online gambling has increased because of its easy accessibility and convenience of use. Many bookies are thinking about establishing their own websites to cater to the gambling needs of their clients. However, in order to choose an affordable PPH service, it is necessary to understand its working system fully.

What is a pay per head service?


How to Become a Bookie Using Price Per Head Services

Most local bookies started out as gamblers themselves, and then they realized in the long run, you just can’t beat the book. That being said, running a local bookie operation is a lot of work unless you use price per head services like

By using price per head services, you take most of the mundane tasks of being a bookie out of the equation. At the same time, you are now making the overall experience much better for your players by offering them more convenience than bookies who are not using price per head services.

Convenience of a Website


Sportsbook Services for Local Bookmakers in New York Being a bookie in any major city can be quite risky, especially in a city like New York. Politicians are always looking for ways to make points during election season, and what better way to do that than locking up a few local bookies, claiming they are making a major strike against crime.

One way to avoid this and to keep your local bookie operation running without interruption is to use a pay per head sportsbook service like No more paperwork, no more working the phones—just pay a small fee of $5 per active player per week, and the sportsbook service will do the rest.


Best Pay Per Head Service for Local Bookies in California

There comes a time when local bookies need to realize that they have to take their operation to the next level. In a state like California, where tech runs rampant and the state is filled with people who are used to getting what they want right now, running an operation manually is probably no longer a viable option for a bookie who wants to expand his or her operation.

So, how can you give your players the intimate feel of a local bookie yet still manage to compete with all the major online bookie operations? The answer is simple and inexpensive… use a pay per head service like


So, you have heard quite a lot about these platforms that provide affordable PPH service. Does this remind you of those bets you had placed in school over the Premier leagues? If you wish to pursue that habit of yours in a better and formalized manner, with increasing the chances of winning bets, you can surely check out offerings of such software. 

In comparison to generalized formats of placing bets, going the old-school pen-paper bookie style, you can definitely search out for an easier format, with heightened winning prospects. 

Before you go in for choosing a platform, there are certain factors that you have to check out. Only if these features match, should you go in for that pay per head service format. 

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Agent Lines Control
With RPPH you can take control of all sides, totals, money lines & juice.
PPH Agent Screenshots
Nobody else will give as much as info about your business than us.
PPH Player Screenshots
We count the clicks a player need to place a bet. We are the fastest one.
Free Customized Websites
Build your own sportsbook brand and website at no cost.
Horse Betting
Horse racing betting and thoroughbred racing bets for all major horse races.
Live Dealers for PPH Agents
LIVE Baccarat, Roulette or BlackJack with Costa Rican girls over camera.
Best PPH Lines
"Real Price per Head" will always display the sharpest lines to your players.
Poker for Credit Agents
Private tables, credit only Poker rooms available with full customer support
Customized Lines Profiles
Customizable sportsbook software for any kind of sports betting event.
Top Privacy for our Agents
We coded an Internal Messaging System, Dont use third party emails anymore.
Other Price per Head´s
From the regular "Price per Head" deal to a more complex PPH solutions.
Why us?
Read why you should open an account with one of top "Price per Head" providers.