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So, you have heard quite a lot about these platforms that provide affordable PPH service. Does this remind you of those bets you had placed in school over the Premier leagues? If you wish to pursue that habit of yours in a better and formalized manner, with increasing the chances of winning bets, you can surely check out offerings of such software. 

In comparison to generalized formats of placing bets, going the old-school pen-paper bookie style, you can definitely search out for an easier format, with heightened winning prospects. 

Before you go in for choosing a platform, there are certain factors that you have to check out. Only if these features match, should you go in for that pay per head service format. 

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The Premier Season of Football League is on! You and your friend have been sharing a tub of popcorn and placing bets on teams and players. Maybe, all you are putting into this gambling is a mere $7. Fair enough! But what if you try to earn a bit more and that too in a proper manner? With top pay per head service, you can get a chance to add a couple more ‘0’s to that $5. 

The concept of off-shore betting has been in place for years now. However, with time, its tendencies, procedures, monetary aspects, and formal details have changed comparatively. Rather than under-the-curtain and hushed moments, there are platforms that support this format. 

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Affordable PPH service: Changes from its initial point to current scenario

In a situation, where most people who enjoy this form of betting would invest their money without knowing prospects, these platforms have come to forefront to ensure safer bets. Hence, it is important to know those aspects that have emerged.  


Bookies always experience the same thing on a daily basis: they want to always be that popular guy who's always at the sports bar, but at the same time, they also need to try their best to keep a low enough profile in order to avoid those certain individuals who frown upon sports betting. In the end, it's a very fine line that they have to walk.

Nowadays, bookies have a vast array of technological options available to them in terms of offering varieties of wagering options for players. From iPads to smartphones, the possibilities are endless. Gone are the days of carrying beepers and rolls of quarters in their pockets and always hanging out at the back of the bar in order to keep out of sight. Now, bookies can show up anywhere at anytime with their personal electronic device right in the palm of their hand.

If you are a bookie, or if someone you know is in the same position, consider taking advantage of one of the many great pay per head services. Working with one of these kinds of services can eliminate the need to use pieces of paper to write down bets, as well as checking things like spreads, lines, and incoming wagers. The minute you sign up with a reputable pay per head service, you will be amazed at what all you can achieve.

Pay per head services always provide bookies and all of their players with an internet page, which will give all of them access to many different wagering options worldwide. This is a service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, a special phone number will be provided for customer service-related issues as well as placing wagers.

Perhaps the best aspect of working with a pay per head company is that a bookie will no longer have to carry around their "little black book," which has become rather infamous and synonymous with someone in that position. Instead, the service you sign up with will keep detailed records of everything and you will be able to view them at anytime and from anywhere.

Not only will a bookie be happy with using their personal electronic devices to get all of their work done, but their players will also be excited to use devices of their own to place any wagers that they wish, which is an extremely easy task. Even better, if you decide to sign up with a pay per head service in a country where betting on sports is completely legal, any wagers placed via phone calls or the internet will go directly to that company rather than to you.

Top Pay per head service features

If you have ever considered the idea of becoming a bookie - or even if it's an idea that you're currently considering - chances are you may have hit a road block or two in terms of getting your business up and running. If you've dabbled in the business previously, there's also a good chance that you may have found yourself in such a rut that you have no idea at all where to turn. Here are some useful tips and tricks that you can make note of and follow in order to successfully get your business going.


The first, and perhaps most important, step is to determine if being a bookie is truly the right step for you to take. For instance, have you either been a part of or witnessed any of the following?

  • People at the bar betting with one another on a particular sporting event 
  • Placing wagers yourself due to knowing the lines on particular games
  • People who have signed with an offshore pay per head service and are disappointed in the amount and quality of service that they received

If you answered "yes" to any of these, then perhaps being a bookie is the right choice for you; however, you will need to prepare yourself to do all of the work involved to help make that dream a reality, here is where using a pay per head bookie services will pay off.


If becoming a bookmaker is a profession that you have seriously considered, it's extremely important that you first do your homework to determine just what it is that you're getting yourself into. While bookmaking can be a pastime that can be profitable, it can also be a stressful one if you fail to do everything correctly.

If you or someone you know is acquainted with a bookmaker, take the opportunity to speak to them and ask them how they go about doing their job. It's important that you pay attention to what they say, especially if you want to become successful.


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