Bowl season is here, NFL action is kicking into high gear, college basketball has started, and pro basketball is going on as well. In all likelihood, your phones are ringing off the hook every night and players are getting upset that they cannot get through. How much action are you missing out on every night? How many players are you losing because they are not able to place wagers? My friend, I think it is time that you give a call and start using an offshore bookie call center.

There is only so much business to go around for local bookies and losing a single client could impact your bookie business significantly, especially if it one of your big players. Even if it is a smaller player who has other friends that bet with you, it could lead to problems. Imagine him at the local taproom spouting off how he should have won money this week but now he has to pay because he could not get his action in. How many players do you think want to chance something such as this?

One of the biggest concerns for any local bookie is in losing their action to someone else. Well, if you are not using an offshore call center, you are putting your business at risk. It only takes one or two dissatisfied players to start the migration. They leave you, find out about another bookie that offers Internet access and an offshore call center and the next think you know, everyone is gone.

Why risk going through all of this action when you can start using pay per head software in just a few minutes. If you have been delaying signing up because of the fees, you have to ask yourself how much money you are already losing and how much you stand to lose in the future if you do not make these changes. Besides, you will no longer have to have your own agents operating phones or pay for extra phone lines, offsetting much of the cost to change over.

Now, instead of having only one or two operators answering calls, you will benefit from an offshore call center that has dozens of operators working the phones 24/7. Players will no longer get frustrated with busy signals and missed bets. They call, the phone is answered, they identify their account, they place their bet, and it really is as simple as that! You can check your account at any time and still see who is betting what and for how much.

Something else to consider is that all players will now also have Internet access to their betting accounts. In fact, it would behoove you to promote this to all of your players. Why even bother with a phone call when you can place a bet in a matter of seconds online or with your smartphone? For the younger players, this will be a huge drawing factor and one that you need to exploit as much as possible.

What was that? Another player left you for a more modernized book that has a call center and Internet access? I think the decision is made; now all you need to do is sign up!

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