A term that is often used when discussing gambling on sports and the "smart money" is "sharp lines." It is important for both the gambler and the bookie to have the best line. This creates action on both sides of the game for the bookie and gives the player the most beneficial line in their eyes. While both parties are looking at the line from completely different angles, it benefits everyone to have the best line available.

When a bookie is using a price per head like www.RealPPH.com, they are indeed getting the sharpest line. This is not some fly by night operation trying to cash in on a latest trend, but a staple of the industry that is literally setting the standard for pay per head software companies. After all, if you are going to migrate your bookie operation over to a PPH, it might as well be the best!

Realistically, it is impossible for a local bookie to be able to monitor the lines properly on game day. The phones are probably ringing off the hook and the action is coming in fast and furious. The more operators a local bookie has, the less likely it is for them to be able to get a proper handle on the action as the games get closer to kicking off.

The reason we say this is that the operators are going from call to call, just writing down the action. When the session ends, the operator will take all of their betting slips and turn them over to the bookie so he or she can enter the information into each player's log. In many cases, the bookie will not even know where they stand on a given game until they are 15-30 minutes into play. This is not a good situation for a bookie to be in.

How is the bookie supposed to know what they need to lay off? How are they supposed to know when they have to move the line? A situation like this makes it very easy for small local bookie to end up being buried. How can you avoid this? Migrate over to a pay per head.

Now, instead of waiting until after the game to figure out where the action is, you will be able to see it in real time. Not only that, but the PPH software can actually move the line for you! Bookies have the option of going with automatic line moves, move on the money, or they can manually adjust the line as they see fit.

Instead of working the phones every Sunday, now the local bookie can sign into their dashboard and monitor the action right from their own PC. Imagine that, not having to be tied down to a phone all afternoon and actually being able to enjoy the games. Not only that, but you are now able to actually manage your operation instead of the operation managing you!

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