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If you are local bookie looking for a way to make your life easier and your operation more functional, it is time you considered using betting services like those offered at Today's players are smarter than ever and a bookie that is not using all the tools at their disposal stands a very real chance of losing money and being beaten on a steady basis.

One of the most effective tools a bettor has in beating a bookie is a local bookie's inability to keep up with lines changes. After all, most players will have multiple outlets for making their wagers. They will shop from line to line until they get the one they like. If you are not adjusting your lines throughout the day, you stand the chance of being crushed by a smart bettor.

The advantage a bookie has by using betting bookie services is that the lines are not just monitored based on your action, they are based on action that is coming in nationally. Betting PPH programs get direct feeds through line services, such as Don Best, and they are able to adjust automatically throughout the day. This means that your lines are moving just like they are in Vegas and throughout all major online sports books.

So how does using betting services help your small operation? Think back to a time when you got your initial lines and had heavy action on a single side. You may have even moved the line here and there to help adjust, but every player you had was jumping all over this line. Later in the day, well after kickoff, you find out that the line was bad and was adjusted only minutes after you actually called in to get them. This is something that would never happen if you were using betting PPH services.

Another great feature of betting PPH services is that they are monitoring the lines 24/7. Because players have access to the sites all the time, someone needs to make sure the lines are accurate and sharp. No local bookie can stay up all day, every day, therefore they need someone watching their back. This is what the small weekly fee covers. If it catches one bad line a week or prevents a major rush on a bad line, the fee has paid for itself.

Of course, the local bookie will still have access to change their player's lines if they feel the need. This will often happen when a local team is playing and the action is heavier in that area than it is nationally. Most casual bettors like to back their local team, especially when they are on TV that afternoon. Local bookies can move the line accordingly, even if there is not heavy action causing the national line to move.

The one weapon a bookie has against their players is a sharp line. If their lines are not sharp, they stand a significant chance of running into some problems on a busy day. Simply put, there is no way a local bookie can keep their lines as sharp as betting services can. Do the smart thing and at least try out a betting PPH service. After about a month, you will wonder why it took you so long to move into the 21st century.

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