Pay per head services for bookies are nothing new to the gambling industry. However, most local bookies are still completely unaware they can make use of services such as those offered by By integrating these pay per head bookie services into their business, they will have a site on par with any major sportsbook.

The first answer in how does bookie services work would be very simple-sign up! All a bookie needs to do is head over to and open up their account. The site literally walks new accounts through the process step-by-step. Once the information is entered, the bookie will need to provide a form of payment. The price for this specific PPH is $14 per player, per week.

Once the account is open, the bookie can pick the template for their website. There are quite a few from which to choose, so it would be best to pick one that truly emphasizes the theme of the site. For instance, if a book is primarily a horse racing book, pick one of the templates with a race horse in the header. There are literally themes for everything.

The bookie will then need to enter their players and limits. When setting up the account, the local bookie can set limits for how much a player can lose before having to make a payment as well as how much their maximum wager is allowed to be on every bet. In addition, once the wagering begins, bookies will have full access to their player's accounts so they can monitor action.

Something that should be attractive to most bookies is the fact that they no longer have to find lines. The websites are tapped into a feeds system that automatically posts lines every day. However, if the bookie would like to adjust the line on the their PPH account, they can do so at any time. This is a nice feature if they are suspecting heavy action on one side of the game or just want to move the line because they do not like the one that is published.

Another feature is the fact that all figures are automatically computed by the pay per head bookie service. Since it is computerized, all figured are updated as the scores go final on the feeds. The need to sit home every night balancing the books is completely eliminated. This is also a nice feature because the local bookie will have real time figures on all of their players to see if someone might run into a problem.

The only thing that is no longer taken care of for the bookie when using a pay per head is the collections. This is best though so as not to run into any legal problems regarding the transaction of money over the Internet for gambling purposes. However, now that they local bookies have everything else taken care of for them, they can finally relax a little bit and enjoy life. It will probably be the first time in years they are able to go out on a Sunday afternoon and not have to worry about answering the phones.

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