How to Become a Bookie Using Price Per Head Services

Most local bookies started out as gamblers themselves, and then they realized in the long run, you just can’t beat the book. That being said, running a local bookie operation is a lot of work unless you use price per head services like

By using price per head services, you take most of the mundane tasks of being a bookie out of the equation. At the same time, you are now making the overall experience much better for your players by offering them more convenience than bookies who are not using price per head services.

Convenience of a Website

One of the biggest attractions for the big name online bookie websites is they have a 24/7 website for players to check lines and make wagers. Now, even as a local bookie, you will be able to offer the same convenience as the biggest online bookie operations in the country.

No More Paying Agents

The fee you pay for your price per head services now covers your agent costs. The difference is that it will not cost you nearly as much money to hire your own agents as it will to use the agents the price per head service already has in place. We know some people insist on calling in, and our phones are operational around the clock for their convenience.

Lose the Paper Trail

We would be ignorant if we did not mention that there are some obvious risks in being a local bookie. However, by using a price per head service, you eliminate the paper trail if you happen to get raided and your belongings seized.

All of your records are kept online, easily accessible from a smart phone or computer, but there is no longer the paper trail that is created by local bookies who operate manually. The only way anyone can access your account is if they have your username and password.

Security and Confidentiality

We have a staff in place who constantly monitors our websites for security vulnerabilities. Our huge client base enables us to have some of the best people in the industry ensuring that everyone’s information is safe and secure from hackers.

Don’t Miss Line Moves

While you can maintain manual control of line moves, you can also set rules to automatically move the line or have the line moved according to the Vegas sportsbooks. For instance, you can set a line to move whenever there is an excess of $1,000 on one side of the action. This gives you the control you need to successfully manage your local bookie operation.

Expand Your Operation

For most local bookies, sports are the only option. When you operate through a price per head service, you can now add horses, casino, and poker action for your players. Just as with the sports book, all of this action is automated and does not require you to spend any more time running your bookie operation.

Time Management

Even small operations take about 30-40 hours a week to run. By automating your local bookie operation, you only need to spend an hour or two a day checking figures to monitor your players. All of your bookkeeping is automated, so you don’t have to search for final scores and manually do your books anymore.

Player Benefits

The number one reason players do not like to use the existing big name online sportsbooks is due to having to use a credit card to make a deposit as well as the numerous rules they have in place before they can make a withdrawal. That won’t be a problem for you because you can still settle up manually with your players every week, month, or even at the end of the year.

Protect Yourself Against Bad Losses from Players

Now, you can set their credit limit, ensuring they never lose an amount they cannot pay. Once they hit their limit, their account is locked until you extend them more credit or they pay you to clear their tab. I would suggest either getting a deposit up front or setting lower limits for new players until you have developed a trustworthy relationship with them.

Now that you have the basics, are you ready to start your own local bookie operation using price per head services? If the answer is yes, visit for more information and a free demo of all our services from both the player and bookie perspective.


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