So, this is your first season using a pay per head service and while it is has made your life a bit easier, you are not seeing any of your players use the poker room or the casino. Since this is a no-risk venture for you, you would like to see more action in these outlets to help improve your profits. How can you get your players to use these pay per head service features to increase profits?

Most gamblers love action for the sake of action. When online poker first hit the Internet, gamblers of all sorts went nuts and signed up for poker rooms. A few years ago, some legislation was passed that caused all of the major poker rooms to shut down operations stateside. This has left a huge void in a very popular market. Take advantage of this and get your players interested in poker.

Players may be skeptical about using an online poker room, so it may take some convincing to have them use this aspect of your pay per head service. At, all bookies can allow their players access to our poker rooms. So, why not sponsor a freeroll to let them see the software and get them hooked on playing cards?

If you are having a profitable season, create a freeroll tournament worth $500 and invite all of your players to participate. Spread the payouts out over several finishing places to allow as many people as possible to establish a bankroll on the site. Think about this, if they have the money in their account, they are more likely to play instead of making a withdrawal. Since you are paid on the rake, your investment will come back to you.

If the season is profitable, but not hugely so, offer a smaller freeroll and put restrictions on it. For instance, hold a $50 or $100 freeroll every week for players that wager at least $100 from Thursday to Sunday. Or, you could spotlight a particular game and tell your players that anyone that makes a $25 or more bet on that specific game will get an entry into the freeroll tournament.

You can use the same philosophy for the casino. Offer a free deposit of $10 for any player that reloads at midseason. This will give them a free stake and get them interested in the casino. You may have players that are already curious about how an online casino works, but they are nervous or inexperienced in regard to online play. This gives them a small stake to check it out with no risk. And again, since you get a commission on all losses, the investment will come back to you sooner or later.

Since you have control of the dashboard on your pay per head service, you can also use the games themselves to generate more interest. For instance, there is a game on the board that truly looks like it could go either way. In other words, there is no obvious choice in this matchup. Use this game as a promotional game to generate interest in it, especially since you will probably have pretty even action on both sides of the game.

How can you do this? Make it the featured game of the week and offer half-juice on the game. Now, instead of being charged 10 percent juice on their loss, maybe you offer free or half-juice on the game. Gamblers love discounts and even if they were not considering this game, they will now!

Being an online bookie is a very competitive business. If you want to stay in action, you need to be creative and find ways to get your players interested in other aspects of the business, not just the sports betting. In addition, you need to offer them a reason to reload their accounts once that initial stake is used up. Offering bonuses, free poker tournaments, and casino stakes are just a few of the ways you can make the most of your pay per head service to keep your local bookie operation active and profitable.

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