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As a bookie, what is one of your greatest fears? For many, it is the inability to move the lines or lay off action when needed and then getting pounded on a game as word gets out that you have the most favorable line in town. There are, of course, times when the games fall the wrong way and there is simply nothing that can be done. But, what about the times you have taken a beating simply because you were not able to move the line in time when a big push of action came along?

Think about how many times games are within a half point of the line. How often would a half point or point have made a difference on teasers winning and losing? Do you realize this problem can be avoided by using a move on money price per head sportsbook like We realize local bookies are not always able to get to their computer to make a line move or to lay off their action. After all, one of the benefits of using a price per head is that you are no longer tied down on game days. Well, now you can truly relax and enjoy the games by using our move on money Payperhead sportsbook feature.

Every bookie has a limit. While larger bookies are able to press the limits a bit more, a small local bookie can be wiped out completely in a single weekend if they are not monitoring their action. If they start to get pounded on one side of the game, the loss could be devastating to their bankroll. Why take this risk when you can use our programming to move the lines and create action on both sides of the game?

So how does this work? You, as the local bookie, will set the limits for line moves and money moves. For instance, if you decide that you want your line to move a half point for every $500 in excess action on any given side, when that limit is reached, the line will go up or down a half point (the line moves against the money side) to try and lure in action the other way. This helps promote an even take and puts your book less as risk to any given game.
This feature will actually generate more interest in your bookie operation. Why? Because it will promote players betting the games all week long. There are gamblers that like to monitor the action over the course of the week to see where the "smart money" and the casual bettor are placing their wagers. When they see a favorable line, they will take advantage of it and make their wager.

For example, let's say the Packers are playing the Lions in Detroit on a Monday night. The initial line comes out with the Packers as a 3.5-point favorite. Lions fans jump all over the bet and start to hammer the game. By Wednesday, the line is down to 2.5. Now, because the line is under that magical three-point threshold, Packers fans start to jump in on the action and hammer the game until it goes back up to 3.5 points on Sunday morning. As the bookie, this is the ideal situation, as the bulk of your action will now be offset on both sides of the game. You may have taken in $10,000 in action, but it just may be close to $5,000 on each side. If this is the case, you could care less who wins the game because you will make a $500 profit either way.

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