Would you like to take advantage of a new way to make money? Of course you would. Who wouldn’t? What if we told you that this form of making money was easy? Would that tempt you even more? Once again, of course. You might find a lot of promises for making money online, but this service is the real deal. The reason you know it’s for real right off the bat is because it relates to the gambling industry. This is one of the most lucrative industries in the world and now you have an opportunity to be a part of it, regardless of what city you live in. The best part is that there’s no risk involved whatsoever. You see, there’s a site called www.7pph.com and if you bring them more business, they will give you a piece of the pie. Here’s how it works. All you have to do is find gamblers. If you find gamblers and lead them to www.7pph.com, you will get $7 per person. Aim for sports bettors more than anything else, especially during football season and March Madness. That said, if these gamblers play at the casino at www.7pph.com, then you can make even more money. Another plus here is that you can recruit people any time of year and make money. Let’s compare the $7 per head approach to the traditional agent approach. We’ll begin with the latter. In the traditional agent approach, you get people in and you make 10% of what they lose. That might sound appealing on the surface, but let’s assume you have three gamblers. This is a very low number, but it’s a good number to use for a sample. Let’s say you have one winner, one grinder and one loser. The winner is up $1,000, the grinder is even and the loser is down $1,000. What’s 10% of $0? Exactly. Even if it’s 30 winners, 30 grinders and 30 losers, you’re going to end up in the same spot. When you go with the guaranteed $7 per person, you’re brining in money at all times. You might be wondering how you’re bringing in money at all times. Keep in mind that you make a cut from people who play at the online casino. Not only that, but you can also make money when your players bet on horse racing and other events. That’s not the best part, though. The best part is that your players will begin to tell their friends about the site and refer them to you. This growth will begin to compound on itself and before you know it, you will be making hundreds, if not thousands of dollars without having to do anything. If you’re the assertive type, then you don’t need to wait for the growth to compound on itself. Instead, go out and get new players on your own. Sure, it’s easy to get a few friends and family members, but we’re talking about the general public. It’s easier to do this today than ever before. There are dozens of social networking sites to use, but your best bet will be with Twitter. Use follow back lists to grow your followers and talk about sports with people. Don’t make the mistake of only posting links. That will cause them to unfollow you. Make friends and once every 10 tweets, post a link offering your service. Watch how fast the players begin to roll in. As your followers grow, so will your players. If you strategize correctly, you can make this a full-time job. What better life could there possible be than making money off gambling without any risk? To get started, visit www.7pph.com.

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With RPPH you can take control of all sides, totals, money lines & juice.
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LIVE Baccarat, Roulette or BlackJack with Costa Rican girls over camera.
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"Real Price per Head" will always display the sharpest lines to your players.
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Private tables, credit only Poker rooms available with full customer support
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Customizable sportsbook software for any kind of sports betting event.
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