So what is the one thing everyone worries about when they are putting their information out on the Internet? In one word: security. There are so many stories out there about people who have had their identity stolen or their accounts hacked into that it is perfectly understandable that some people are just a bit hesitant to sign up for an online gambling site. However, anyone using can be assured they are using the most secure pay per head service on the Internet. is a pay per head bookie service that enables anyone to have a state-of-the-art bookie website for very little investment. For only $14 per player, per week, the bookie takes the monotony of the day-to-day running of the book and automates it through the website. However, the bookie is still in complete control of their operation, still having the ability to set players lines and limits.

As far as the local bookie is concerned, the secure PPH uses a 128-bit encryption system that keeps all information protected as it is coming and going from the site. Without getting into all of the technical terms, this system basically turns the information into coded signals that only's software can convert back into text. Even if the information were intercepted, which is virtually impossible to have happen, the receiver would see text that would look something like this:
a;ldfha;lhfgpoayuasdfp;oaiuru aoeh a;odhfasdadsfay;r uaofalfjl;asdjfl;a dfj;AOU;AODFJ;AHDF AE'lajhdf;auoiue7asa;dhfao;syuifaoeypaoeasdfhayfdafdasdfasdfaqweyrpaufdf;asdfo8iperahdfadfadfa;dfopaudfafd;asdhfasdyfasfypay8efghasdhfpasypatatqataoietuaoetuaoputaodiuaouaksljdf;lkasjdf;l
Now if you can figure out what that is supposed to say, good luck!

In addition to encryption software, this confidential price per head service also offers a recording of all transactions in case a player tries to deny their action. If they use the call in center, there is simply no way they can deny placing the bet as they will be recorded giving their access code and password. If they use the Internet for placing wagers, their password denotes their acceptance of the wager. Furthermore, they have to confirm every wager, verifying all information and acknowledging the bet before it is finalized.

Another security measure this secure PPH uses is a Distributed Denial of Service Attack Prevention. In laymen's terms, this is the sites security measure against blocking outside sources from trying to prevent user's access to the site. Site disruption is accomplished by having an "attacker" run a program through various handlers that will then compromise the system and make it unusable for the general public on the Internet. Imagine falling victim to this at 12:45pm EST on a Sunday! It would be a complete disaster. RPPH customers definitely do not need to worry about this!

Finally, power is always a major concern for those using a service that is based elsewhere. RPPH uses backup power supplies ensuring that regardless of the situation, all servers will remain powered and up for use. Of course, there may be some Act of God that would take the system offline, but it would have to be a major disaster before clients had to worry about their sites not running. Add it all up, and you can now see why is considered the safest, most secure, reliable, and most confidential price per head service for local bookies.

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