Wagering on the NFL is a lot of fun and it can be profitable, but if you want to be one of the few who make money with this venture, you’re going to need to follow a few important rules. The first rule is to practice excellent money management. Some people take this aspect of wagering so seriously that they even hire a service to do it for them, but you don’t need to go that route as long as you remain disciplined. The second rule is to go with one betting system and stick with it. The reason for this is because most NFL systems will give you a winning percentage between 54% and 61%, which puts you ahead of the vig. If you give up on one NFL system because it’s only hitting 45% at mid-season, then you’re throwing money away. By the time the season ends, that system will be approximately 10% higher. If you switch to another system because it’s at 65%, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Successful NFL systems almost always even out by the end of the season. The third rule is not to watch sports talk shows. We will delve further into this below. Regardless of whom you are and what city you live in, we will put you on the right path to NFL betting success. Let’s begin with money management. The key here is to attack when you’re ahead and pull back when you’re behind. Most gamblers will do the opposite. They will protect their wins when they’re ahead and chase when they’re behind, but what does that really do for them? All that’s doing is minimizing their wins and maximizing their losses. When you’re ahead, a good rule to follow is to lay half your winnings on the Sunday Night Football game. If your betting week ends Monday night, then lay half of your winnings on the Monday Night Football game. By taking this approach, you’re increasing your potential winnings while also protecting your wins. When you’re behind, don’t chase. This is what the house wants. Instead, you can take a hedge approach that has the potential to get you back to even. For example, if the Packers are – 14 over the Vikings and the total is 49, then you might want to take the Vikings and the over. When lines are this large, it’s best to take the dog and the over. Odds are you will split, but the odds of winning both are greater than the odds of losing both because there is only a small window for the favorite and the under to cover. If it’s the Jets are – 6 over the Broncos and the total is 41, then you might want to take the Jets and the under. The reason for this is because the Broncos are a run-only team, meaning they wouldn’t be able to win in a shootout. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely the Broncos will cover and the game goes over. As far as NFL systems go, there are many complex systems you can use. However, if you look at straight up records with against-the-spread records, you will see that the teams who win games are almost always the teams with winning records against the spread. Likewise, the teams with losing records are almost always the teams with losing records against the spread. To make money when betting on the NFL, keep it simple. If you need a sports betting service, there are many places to choose from. One of the best sports betting services is www.7pph.com. We mentioned NFL talk shows above. Avoid these if you can because they will often sway your opinions in the wrong direction. Stick to the facts, which are win/loss records and attack with a simple approach. By the end of the season, you will be kicking back in your chair and counting the Benjamins.

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