Sportsbook Services for Local Bookmakers in New York Being a bookie in any major city can be quite risky, especially in a city like New York. Politicians are always looking for ways to make points during election season, and what better way to do that than locking up a few local bookies, claiming they are making a major strike against crime.

One way to avoid this and to keep your local bookie operation running without interruption is to use a pay per head sportsbook service like No more paperwork, no more working the phones—just pay a small fee of $5 per active player per week, and the sportsbook service will do the rest.

What is the one thing every gambler wants? Convenience, right? They want to be able to place their bets and get the lines when they want them but not for only one or two hours per day. I guarantee if you are still keeping your book the old-fashioned way, you are missing out on action every week simply because players can’t get through or can’t sneak away from work to get their bets in. When you sign up for our sportsbook service, both you and your players will have access to our online services that enable them to check the lines and place a bet on any lined event at any time even if it is 4am on Tuesday morning!

Our line system can be manual, meaning you control the line moves. You will also have the option to create rules that dictate when the line moves. For instance, you can set the lines to move every time you have $500 or more on one side of a game. Or, you can use the lines the Vegas bookmakers are using and use their line moves for your own local bookie operation. As far as paperwork is concerned, forget about it! You no longer have a paper trail because all bets are recorded in our offshore website. Even if you have the local authorities take possession of your computer and smartphone, they cannot access your account without your password.

Another great feature of automating your local bookie operation is that you are no longer tied to the book. If you want to go see a ballgame or have some other type of function you want to attend, you are free to do so without having to hire an extra agent to take the calls because our operation takes care of your book 24/7.

Speaking of agents, you no longer have to pay for employees to man the phones at odd hours of the day. Your $5 fee covers not only the online operation but also allows your players to use our call center to place their bets if they insist on doing it the old-fashioned way. In reality, when you look at how much you are already paying agents or the amount of time that it takes you to run your book, the fee is more than offset each week. Something else to consider is how you can now expand your operation using the other services that are now available to your players. For instance, they will have access to an online casino. This is a risk-free profit center for you as your players will make a deposit with an existing online casino that operates through our dashboard. If the players win, the casino pays them off. If the players lose, you will receive a commission off their total loss figure!

Another outlet they will have to spend money on are our online poker rooms. Once again, this is a risk-free profit center for you. The player makes a deposit with the poker rooms that operate through our programming and play on the tables. Every hand they play will generate rake. As the affiliate, you will now earn a commission off the rake generated through your players. My guess is that you are probably spending at least 30-40 hours per week taking action and settling your books. And even if you only have one agent working for you, you are more than likely spending a few hundred a week paying agents to help you… and you are still missing out on action.

Sign up and use our trial period to see how much more convenient a sportsbook pay per head service is rather than manually running your own bookie operation. You can even use the demo option if you’d like to see how much easier operating with a pay per head service will be. You can test the service as both a player and a bookie. My guess is that in about five minutes, you will be signing up, and trust me, your players are going to love it!

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