If you are a local bookie, odds are that you limit yourself to taking only football bets. If you have players that bet baseball or other sports, you probably direct them to a friend or another bookie you know that takes that type of action. Now, think about what you are doing. Would a restaurant openly tell people to go to another restaurant? Does, Wal-Mart suggest its shoppers use Kmart? So why would you send your business somewhere else and risk losing it?

We already know your answer. You do not want to take baseball, basketball, or any other sport because it takes up too much of your time. Football is already out of hand with the expanded schedules and requires you to take action seven days a week for almost 20 weeks now. You like the time off. However, have you also noticed that your action is getting less and less every season when football finally does roll around?

The reason for this is that your players are staying with the bookies that take year-round action. Yeah, they may use you for the odd line here and there, but most of their action is now going elsewhere. The way to turn this around is by using a pay per head bookie service like www.RealPricePerHead.com. For just a few bucks a player, you can take action all year round and do nothing more than check stats and collect your money.

With baseball season in full swing and the only action around, this is the perfect time to try a pay per head and see if it works for you. Get the word out to your players that you are not only open for business, but that you also have a 24/7 call center and an Internet site for them to place their wagers. By the time football season starts, not only will all your players be up and running, but they will also have told their friends, which should land you even more business.

Stop playing the sucker and watching all of your business go over to the other local bookies. By using a price per head software service, you can capitalize on every sport and keep your football players happy all year long. Now, instead of fighting to get them back, you will actually be stealing other bookies business because of the convenience of your operation. It will only be a matter of time before you have the biggest book in the area.

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