If you are using a pay per head service to run your local bookie operation, it is time to think about the mid-season slump most players are going through and find a way to get them to reload their accounts. It has already been a pretty rough season for players, as underdogs are dominating the season in both college and pro. With most average bettors preferring to bet on favorites, bookies are absolutely cleaning up.

One benefit of www.RealPPH.com is that we offer our bookies the ability to offer their players bonuses. This is a great to inject money back into your business. Give a little back to your players and give them a reason to reload their accounts and stay active for the rest of the year. Offering a bonus will give them just a bit more reason to cough up some more cash for the remainder of the football season.

Free Plays are an easy bonus to offer and players love them. For instance, if they are reloading their account with another $500, you can add a $50 Free Play into their account. They are at no risk for the wager, but they will collect $50 if their side wins. If you have already collected $500 from the player, you are only giving back 10 percent of your winnings. Furthermore, the FREE Play will create some loyalty with your players.

Another possible bonus is in offering a free percentage of their deposit. Now, you have heard us mention multiple times that we recommend getting an upfront deposit from players so you do not have to worry about collecting. In the example above, you would have collected $500 before the season started and the players would have lost their entire deposit. You now need them to drop off more cash or their account will be closed out.

Use the internal messaging system to send them a note showing some empathy that they have already lost their nut for the season. Tell them you will offer them an additional 10 percent in stake if they reload their account within a certain period of time. Once they reload, you can add extra cash to their stake on the site and they are ready to go.

If you would like to offer more of a bonus, you can do so, but we recommend that you put rollover requirements on the bonus before a payout occurs. Most online sportsbooks will require a six or eight time rollover for anything over 20 percent. Let's say you wanted to offer someone a 50 percent reload bonus at mid season. They make a deposit of $200 and you add an additional $100 to their wagering account. If you put a six time rollover in effect, they could not request a payout until they have wagered $1,800 in bets ($200 stake +$100 bonus = $300 stake x 6 time rollover = $1,800).

If you choose to implement any type of a rollover, you will need to make these terms very clear to the player. If they have any experience with major online sportsbooks, they will already be aware of how the rollovers work. You just want to make sure there are no misunderstandings if they have a big week the first week after their bonus. If they only wager $1,000 but hit every bet, they would still not be entitled to settle until they have wagered an additional $800.

The rollover is your protection against just this very instance. Yes, you are giving them free money, but the rollover will generally offset the advantage of the free stake. Think back to how many times any bettor has been able to rollover their bankroll six or more times without taking a loss. It also allows you to avoid the quick hit artists that will put the entire amount on one game and then request a payout.

As the season progresses, you need to find more creative ways to take advantage of your pay per head software to encourage your players to continue to reload their accounts. As the season goes on, lines get sharper and it becomes more and more difficult for players to win. This is the time for you to reinvest some of your profits and keep your book active. Football leads right into March Madness, and you have a much better chance of capturing that action if your players are still active.

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