What Is the Best Pay Per Head for NFL Football Action?

It is no secret that NFL games are the most highly bet games of all daily sporting events. There are people that will not make a wager all year long until the Super Bowl arrives. People that would never consider better baseball or basketball will risk thousands of dollars every weekend on NFL action. As a bookie, you need to find the best pay per head for NFL football action. We are here to tell you that PPH is www.RealPricePerHead.com!
Overall, NFL bettors will create more action during any given season than most bookies will see for the remainder of the year. Sure, a local bookie might see some playoff action out of the NBA and MLB, but every day players for these sports are few and far between. In addition, significant quantities of NFL bettors are very casual bettors, so they are looking for the most value for their money. If you want to capitalize on this market, you need to be able to offer everything the major sports books are offering as well as be able to protect your operation.
One of the latest features we have integrated into our programming is the Move on Action. This enables the local bookie to set action thresholds to move the line automatically. This is the best way to protect your book from getting buried because of a bad line when all of the action is going on one side. At worst, it will end up limiting action as the line climbs or falls. At best, it will create action on both sides of the game and allow you to offset all wagers and take the vig as your profit.
More than likely, communication will be needed with your players to set up payments or to make them aware of any weekly changes. For bookies in the United States, it can be risky to send emails of this nature. Instead, we offer an internal messaging service for bookies and players to communicate. This will keep all communications internal, without using email services such as Gmail or Yahoo.
Extra bonuses for the players are things such as poker and live dealer casinos. Ideally, this will create some interest and offer another avenue for profits for the local bookie. Any money made through these outlets is risk free, as the bookie is paid a commission on the loss (for casino action) or on the rake (for poker action). We also offer mobile wagering for your players that like to go out to watch the games and will not be able to utilize our call center or place their bets from their home computer.
Speaking of the call center, this is a major advantage during football season. A common concern for local bookies is in missing those last second phone calls resulting in both a loss of action and upset players. Our call center is manned with multiple operators and functions 24/7. Your players will be able to place their bet just as easily at 4am on Wednesday as they will at 12:59pm on Sunday. This saves you thousands every year in phone bills and staff payroll.
Our clients will also have access to all other sports events as well as In-Play wagering. If your football players know they can use your service for things such as horseracing and March Madness, you stand a much better chance of capturing all of their action. Simply put, they have no reason to look elsewhere for wagering. In-Play wagering has also become a major drawing point as more and more players are interested in betting on prop bets during the game itself. This has become hugely profitable for local bookies.
Now, if you are looking around at other PPH services, you have to honestly ask yourself if they are the best pay per head for NFL football action. Remember, you are not just talking about football wagering here, but the ability to generate other avenues of income and leave little doubt with your players that they are using the best sports book available to them. If you are using Real Price Per Head, that answer will surely be yes!

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